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How to Tell If an Extension Cord Is for Outdoor Use

How to Tell If an Extension Cord Is for Outdoor Use

An extension cord is a blessing in times when you want to hang decorative lights for an upcoming event in the garden, want to fix your lawnmower, or, in simple terms, don’t have the electric socket where you want it to be outside.

What is an extension cord?

Not all of us have access to electric sockets in the “sweet” spots where we want to plug in our appliances or cables outdoors. But that doesn’t mean that you need to call an electrician to get electric sockets fixed across your home.

Extension cords come with a long power line so you can connect it with an accessible socket and then use it wherever you want.

But here’s the thing. Unless you booked an electrical service through Quick Spark, there is little chance that your electrician will have told you the difference between indoor and outdoor extension cords.

Indoor Extension Cord Vs. Outdoor Extension Cord

Extension cords are often the core of electrical repair or electrical maintenance, as you might have seen your electrician using them. Here’s the difference you need to know:

Indoor Extension Cord

Indoor Extension Cords are not meant for electrical repairs or other electrical services. Instead, they are designed for low voltage consumption. This includes connecting your indoor decoration lights, plugging in your TV, or any other light-duty appliances.

Outdoor Extension Cord

Now, this is the one that we, at Quick Spark or other electricians, use for electrical services as outdoor extension cords are more robust and heavy-duty.

They can take large loads easily as the cord has a durable coating made from thick wire. Hence, you can use them outdoors conveniently without any fear of spark or burning.

How to identify an outdoor extension cord

The next question lands upon identifying if an extension cord can be used outside or not. Here are some factors you can look for on the cord:

Letter Indicator

When you buy an extension cord, the first thing you should look for is the letter “W” imprinted on the package or the cord itself. The letter indicates that the cable is safe and made for outdoor usage.


There is a greater safety risk of electric shocks or other hazards when doing electrical repair work outdoors. So, the outdoor extension cords feature three-prong plugs. The third prong is for additional safety as it serves as a grounding wire.

Insulation/Cord Cover

The outdoor extension cords used for electric repair face exposure to extreme conditions like sun and moisture. So, for protection against extreme external factors, they come with a protective layer in bright-colored vinyl, rubber, or plastic colors.

Ampere Rating

As we mentioned above, an outdoor extension cord is meant for heavy load electrical repair work. In contrast to indoor extension cords, the outdoor extension cords have a higher amperage rating. The rating is dependent on the length and diameter of the wire.

Need more guidance?

If you still need further help differentiating between an indoor and outdoor extension, or want to get the best electrical services, our team of professionals at Quick Spark is here to assist you!

Find out more about our electrical repair, electrical maintenance, and other electrical services by visiting our website https://getquickspark.com.au/.

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