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How To Shock-proof Your Home?

How To Shock-proof Your Home?

If you are a parent with toddlers in the house, you would want your home to be utterly shock-free for the sake of the safety and well-being of your family. An electrician usually carries out the electrical safety process at the time of construction of the house when they are working on the electrical service. Still, you can do it later as well.

Below are some innovative ways to increase the electrical safety of your house quickly.

1. Tackle Damaged Power Points

Tackling the electrical power points should be the first step in your journey of improving your electrical safety. Before you think of getting an electrician to work on the security during electrical service, make sure to tell them about any damaged circuits. Expert electricians will help you cover and repair all these damaged circuits, switchboards, or frayed leads. Sure, you can wrap tape around it, but that’s still going to be very dangerous. Experts can work on the electrical service and repair and cover them for you.

2. Try Dummy Plugs and Shutters

When we talk about electrical safety, another trick that both electricians and parents widely appreciate is using dummy plugs and shutters. As the name indicates, these are dummy plastic plugs explicitly designed for electrical safety. You can plug these into the socket when they are not in use. This way, you can be sure your child isn’t going around sticking forks or metal objects into open sockets.

Shutters are equally effective as well. These can be placed over the electrical socket and will automatically shut down if no appliance is plugged in it. Expert electricians from Quick Spark would be more than glad to install these for you during the electrical service process.

3. No Overloading

An obvious way to damage your home’s electrical safety is by overloading the existing power switches and sockets. We have seen tons of families who plug in multiple appliances into one power board. This is bound to lead to overloading and can result in electric shocks and even fires.

Call in an expert electrician from Quick Air to work on installing more power switches and boards. This way, you can keep your home’s electrical safety at a maximum and have tons of power bases in the house for easy accessibility.

4. Usage of Fire-Resistant Wires

There are tons of electrical components out there. Sure, it is easy to carry out the installation or repair of power boards on your own, but the issue arises when picking the right components; such as the wiring, etc. Experts from Quick Spark will know which wires to use, such as ISI-marked ones. These are not only fire-resistant but also can take a high voltage load.

Call Quick Spark today to book an appointment. With experts working on your home’s electrical service, you can live in a safe and shock-proof environment.

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