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How to Install a Range Hood

How to Install a Range Hood

One should be cognizant of how professionals use their skills for performing electrical repairs for kitchen maintenance. For instance, do you know how to install a range hood?

Range hood describes a significant feature for your kitchen, constructed to draw up the smoke, steam, and odour from your stove and installing a range hood is easy. Well, it is a job of two people. You can hire an electrician for better outcomes.

Here is an ultimate guide to follow-

Step No. 1: Mark the Fixing Point

Initially, protect the stove with a drop sheet. Then, with the help of your friend or whomever you have called for the help, lift the range hood and position it accurately. Above the position of the range hood, mark the wall and then bring it down and then mark the wall 20mm above that line. Here, come the top brackets. Now, draw a vertical line down where you have located the center.

Step No. 2: Position the Fixing Brackets

After placing the range hood fixing bracket to the wall, mark screw halls to attach the bracket. By using an 8mm drill bit, dig three holes to place wall plugs into each. Then, place the bracket in position with 40mm screws provided.

Step No. 3: Work on Canopy Bracket

Take the pencil and mark the wall at an altitude of your range hood canopy. Revise the first step and mark 18mm down from the top line and mark it on any side of your centre line. Then centre the canopy bracket forward to the vertical line. Mark the two holes to drill as done in the second step.

Step No. 4: Place the Range Hood on the Bracket

This can be done effectively by one who has better knowledge about electrical installation. So, call a residential electrician. He will help to lift the range hood onto the bracket hassle-free. After this, you can simply mark the holes to drill the holes to insert wall plugs into each one.

Step No. 5: Drill the Hole for the Vent Pipe

Approximately, the vent pipe used is 154mm. Take the help of a builder’s compass to cut a perfect size hole. A circle can be drawn with the help of a rounded wooden piece. Then cut the circle with a plaster saw, but don’t forget to wear safety glasses and a dust mask. However, consult an electrician before cutting in order to know there is no wiring behind the wall.

Step No. 6: Left the Range Hood to the Bracket

You need the help here. From placing the one-way valve in position to using the small screws to secure it, position the flexible vent pipe on top of the valve and scour it through the drilled hole. After this, a power point is installed for the range hood.

Step No. 7: Get the Canopy Installed

Wear the gloves before installing as metal edges are sharp. Edge the canopy up with the two brackets. Use two screws to secure it along with two holes at its back. Insert the screws properly. At last, position the range hood filters back to their place.

Well, you can take help from us, Quick Spark electrical services to ensure you have installed it well, so that, no hindrances occur in the future.

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