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How to Clean Ceiling Fans Quickly and Safely

How to Clean Ceiling Fans Quickly and Safely

Do you ever find yourself staring at all the dust that has been accumulated on your ceiling fan? If yes, you can count yourself among tons of other people who often find dust and dirt on their ceiling fans but don’t do anything because it seems too daunting to clamber up and reach the fans, let alone effectively clean them.

Fortunately for all our readers, we can teach you how an electrician would clean your ceiling fan or service it during the ceiling fan installation or ceiling fan repair process.

1. Prepare For the Dirt

First off, any electrician you meet out there or workers helping you with ceiling fan installation or ceiling fan repair might tell you to prepare for all the dust that will end up in other places once the fan has been cleaned. The trick is to get newspapers, cloth, or a draping material and spread it all over the floor.

Make sure you don’t just cover the width of the fan’s blades but further than that to catch all the dust that manages to fly away.

2. Dusting the Blades

Next, if you choose to get an electrician by Quick Spark to do it for you, you can note that the first thing to do after preparing is to dust the fan’s blades. Before a ceiling fan installation or fan repair, electricians will brush them before conducting a thorough clean-up session.

The trick is to use a U-shaped brush for dusting purposes. This brush can be easily found at a hardware or home appliances shops. When getting expert electricians from Quick Spark to work on ceiling fan repair, you won’t have to purchase any tools.

3. Wash

Now, this is the step where we learn how to wipe off the dust and get a gleaming, shining, squeaky clean look to our fans. Once you have washed the blades in the manner we suggest, you will see that they will be as clean as they were when they were first installed.    

Start the washing process by getting an all-purpose cleaner and some water. Take a wet sponge or a damp towel, pour the cleaner on it and gently start wiping the blades—excess dust that has accumulated over time and with use can cause noisy functioning or even damage the motor.

Ensure that you use a gentle pressure and don’t press too hard or bend the blades. Once they look clean to you, let them dry. Do not turn the fans on until they are completely dry, or the moisture might attract more dirt.

And there you have it! While ceiling fan repair or ceiling fan installation might be a daunting chore, this one can be done quickly without the need of an electrician. However, if you don’t have the time or the desire to do it yourself, call in experts from Quick Spark who will take care of it for you at budget-friendly rates and in the most efficient manner.

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