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How Much Electricity Does an Average Home Consume

How Much Electricity Does an Average Home Consume

Since the invention of electricity, the consumption and need for expansion of more advanced and sophisticated equipment either to produce more power or conserve energy. A survey conducted by the Australian Energy Association indicated an average consumption of 900 kilowatt hours monthly.

As the home comes with the energy consumption depending on the number of equipment, lighting appliances, the family members dwelling in the home and any other additional usage of power, but the daily allocation can be averaged to 40 kWh daily.

The power providers will always inquire about the number of watts that the household can dispense within a given time. As a new homeowner, there is connection capacity in terms of phases and kilowatts of power that is established for home consumption. The involvement of a qualified electrician for the cable layout, electrical installation and power commissioning as per the Power Generating company’s established cabling standard.

The power consuming equipment is the major source of power usage in the home setting, the more gadgets connected to the power grid the higher the power usage, likewise the expenditure on power will be on the rise on daily basis. The same way you ignite your car engine there is always the budget of gas consumption, which varies depending on the errands that are handled daily.

The accountability of the power consumed depends on the overall audit of the equipment and gadgets that are in use either on daily basis or scheduled accountability.

Living room

As the main entertainment and leisure time spent either on Television, gaming console, internet, and the computer, the consumption of power is still worth accounting for from 50 to 200 watts annual.


The equipment that is installed in the kitchen to cater for the heating and preservation of food may gauge the power use from dishwasher, oven, microwave, refrigerator and additional gadgets can consume from low of 200 to 2500 watts each annually which now translates to the number of equipment.


The washing of clothes, drying, ironing equipment will considerably consume substantial power which might be the second power consuming appliances in your home from 500 to 5000 watts annually.

Air conditioner and heating system

The seasons of the year determines the average estimate of power that your home appliances will consume. The HVAC installation comes with the know-how of the power use for this system will require power to keep your home warm during cold season and cool during the warm season. The initial hiring of an expert electrician for advice on the best equipment to use and the expected power use will help you to save power.

Centralized air conditioner, unified heating system, movable power fan heater, window AC system all these appliances will consume a substantial amount of power ranging from 350 to 1500 watts annual of which may vary depending on the electrical glitch fixes, manufacturer, age, and how often the equipment is switched on an hour run.


Power management is possible when experts in electrical services are involved to carry out a home survey and electrical repair to ascertain that the power connected equipment are working accordingly. The power expenditures can be accounted for in a responsible manner when every individual is knowledgeable on power usage and conservation.

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