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How Much Electricity Does a Stove Use in Australia?

How Much Electricity Does a Stove Use in Australia?

An electric stove is our most functional kitchen appliance. Many people may ask, “how much electricity does a stove use?” Undoubtedly, an energy-efficient electric stove can benefit you in so many ways, such as reducing energy costs. You might overlook the electrical usage of the stove when you’re cooking your meals. This article provides a brief overview of stove power consumption in Australia.

Electric Stove Power Consumption

As the name suggests, electricity provides power to the electric stove. Many factors determine the power consumption of an electric stove. However, it ranges somewhere between 2000 and 5000 watts on average. The number of burners is the major factor on which the electricity usage of a stove depends. In Addition, you need to consider how long it takes to prepare your favorite meal, and whether or not you use the oven.

If your electric stove comes with a larger burner, it will consume more power. As a result, you will get higher electricity bills. For that reason, you must choose a burner that is a perfect fit for the pot you’ll be using to cook a meal. In the case of an oversized burner, it will lead to heat loss; because there will be more heat generated for a small-sized burner. Depending on the size of burners, you can find an electric stove with different rated watts.

How To Choose an Energy Efficient Stove

Wondering how to choose an electric stove that is more energy efficient? You can choose an energy-efficient stove with the help of some useful considerations, such as:


You must consider the wattage when looking for an electric stove. As discussed before, the size of burners plays a vital role in determining the overall wattage of a stove. All you need is to choose an electric stove that meets your daily cooking needs.

Renewable energy source

With the help of renewable energy sources, you can reduce energy costs significantly. However, it’s important to look for an electric stove that is powered by either solar panels or a green energy provider. You can find the latest models on the market that are powered by renewable energy sources to help save utility costs.

Convection oven

Want to save significantly on energy costs? It’s the right time to opt for a convection oven. It works by circulating hot air which makes cooking energy efficient.

Do you need professional electrical service for electric stove installation? An electric stove needs a dedicated 220V circuit regardless of the model. Quick Air can help you install an electric stove in your kitchen. Our expert electricians have been helping Australian’s for many years. An experienced electrician can install a dedicated 220V circuit for your stove to ensure it has a reliable power source. Most importantly, we can help you choose an energy-efficient stove for your kitchen space. Whether you want to install a new stove, or fix a current one, call Quick Air for second to none electrical service.

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