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How Do I Know if My Electrical Outlet Is Burning?

How Do I Know if My Electrical Outlet Is Burning?

There are days when as a business owner or homeowner, you see that one of your electrical outlets has been melted and blackened by heat.. Apart from being baffled, you are also pretty worried about the house’s safety, and you should be.

Did you ever sense a burning smell from your electrical outlet? Never ignore the smell of burning plastic or rubber; it can affect your electrical appliances and be the reason for the outbreak of fire. Over 4000 people are taken to the emergency room every year, burnt and injured because of a damaged electrical outlet in their homes. These injuries and electrical fire can be prevented if you carry out a proper inspection of the power points in your house.

It is good to know the root of the problem and what plan of action you should follow as a safety measure.

Warning signs of a burning electrical outlet

Keeping your home safe and be aware of electrical repair and electrical maintenance is the best solution to avoid fire breakout. However, here are three major warning signs that notify you that your electrical outlet is burning. If you encounter these signs, reach out to Quick spark immediately. We have trained and professional technicians who can help you repair defective outlets.

1. Feel tingling sensation

After plugging in an electrical device like a toaster or radio, you feel a tingling sensation after touching that appliance, it’s a warning sign of a major electrical problem. Don’t overlook this problem or think it is a random occurrence. You could face a severe injury because of your negligence. We have a team of expert technicians who can inspect the problem and do a timely electrical repair.

2. The discolored appearance of outlets

If you see the discoloration of outlets, this is the primary sign that your outlet is burning. The discolored appearance happened because of the inside burning of the outlet. It could also signify that your outlet is improperly installed or damaged and needs electrical repair/ electrical maintenance. Don’t ever use an outlet with a discolored appearance. You can contact us at Quick spark for a timely inspection and quick fix.

3. Strong burning smell

A burning smell is a prominent sign that you need to replace your electrical outlet as quickly as possible. If it feels hot when you touch it, that means there’s some kind of electrical trouble. The popping/ sizzling sounds from an electrical outlet should never be ignored, and you must call a technician immediately.

In conclusion

It’s easy to overlook these warning signs as a regular problem that doesn’t warrant any inspection or attention. Still, it’s substantially important that you contact an expert technician in case you encounter such signs. A burnt electrical outlet can be life-threatening. Quick Spark can replace or repair electrical outlets and make sure your home/office is safe for you.

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