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How can I reduce my electricity Bill?

How can I reduce my electricity Bill?

Electricity has become an important part of our life, and we would find it difficult to sustain life without it. We are totally dependent on electricity for every aspect of work, and if the supply of electricity shuts down, it becomes nearly impossible to lead a normal life. Everything requires electricity. From electric bulbs to electric gas stoves – everything is electricity. Human beings cannot function without using electronic gadgets; it helps us to live comfortably and easily. In other words, electricity helps to make our lives stable. There are infinite uses of electricity, and one can’t deny its importance.

The electricity we use in our houses consumes a lot of money due to its multiple uses. We consume electricity in various forms such as air conditioners, fans, geysers, refrigerators, tubelights, bulbs, computers, stoves etc. So, it is very important to understand the necessity of reducing the electricity Bill. Every month we spend a lot on our Electricity Bill which adds on to our monthly expenses.

Here are few ways in which we can reduce Electricity Bill –

1. Reduce the usage of electric appliances: In order to reduce Electricity Bill costs, one needs to reduce the usage of electric appliances. This can be done by eliminating appliances which consume a lot of electricity by using alternative sources, such as solar panels or natural resources. For example, tube lights can be replaced with CFL bulbs, and electric ovens can be replaced with microwaves. Solar panels can be used extensively to reduce electricity costs and  usage.

2. Eliminate using Electricity unnecessarily: Unnecessary use of Electricity is one of the major reasons why Electricity Bills shoot up during cooler seasons. We tend to keep fans, AC’s, Coolers running which increases the usage of Electricity. A proper check on these devices can reduce the Electricity Bills in our homes.

3. Use CFLs and Fans: Efficient use of CFCs and Fans can reduce the electricity consumption to a great extent. These gadgets consume less power compared to Tube lights and ACs. ACs emit CFC which is Chloro Fluoro Carbons which harm the atmospheric layer of the earth. On the other hand, Coolers and fans consume less power and are cost effective electric gadgets.

4. Buy Star Rating Devices: Star rating devices consume less energy compared to other electrical appliances. Companies these days are manufacturing Star Rating appliances in order to save energy. It is highly advisable to use appliances with a higher star rating. The higher the rating, the less the energy consumption.

5. Reduce the usage of Refrigerators and Coolers: Refrigerators and Coolers consume huge amounts of electric power. These electric gadgets are highly used during the summer season. Thus, it becomes crucial to reduce their usage. Refrigerators should be turned off when not in use – especially at night as it reduces power consumption. On the other hand, coolers can be replaced by table fans or ceiling fans. This can lead to lower energy consumption and save money.

6. Use Solar Panels: Solar Panels are a highly recommended source for generating electricity naturally. It absorbs energy directly from the sun and can be put to various uses. Solar Panels can extract power directly from the source and have multiple advantages. Green energy can save electric bills and can generate electricity from a natural source.

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