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Home Office Essentials – Maintaining Your Connection

Home Office Essentials – Maintaining Your Connection

Work from home has gained immense popularity over the last couple of years; in fact, it has become a necessity. According to the Australian Bureau of statistics, 1/3rd of Aussies are working from their home offices, thanks to technology and fast speed internet connections.

Are you one of those who are working from home planning to make a perfect home office? Quick Spark has listed some of the best possible home office essentials that help you stay productive and comfortable in your home setup.

Four Essentials For Your Home Office

1. Computer Circuit

As they say, “The technology which isn’t reliable is more like a liability” so, choose wisely. Opting for a computer circuit can affect your productivity; because computers are sensitive to changes in electrical signals. A computer circuit is more of a safety feature as it tends to separate your computer from other electrical appliances in other electrical circuits that draw more power.

Moreover, it works like a surge suppressor protecting your house from dangerous electrical surges. We often overlook the importance of surge suppressor, but it’s a staple for many home offices that operate via computer equipment.

2. Outlets

Outlets are the staple of the home setup. You can’t count on extension cords because they aren’t safe and can be unreliable. Moreover, you can ditch the hassle of extension cords by adding enough outlets in your home office. Don’t know how to tackle the shortage of required outlets? Fret not: at Quick Spark, we have professional electricians that you can count on to do the job perfectly.

3. Good Lighting

Having adequate lighting is essential for a comfortable workspace. With good lighting, you can avoid eye strain and headaches because it allows you to see the screen – without squinting. Try setting up your office in a place having windows, so natural sunlight can make its way to your home office. But, if it’s not possible, make sure your office has enough artificial lighting and not just a single bulb.

4. An Internet Connection

Fast internet speed is a key that makes the most of your time – liberating you in so many ways. But did you know Wi-Fi comes with inherent cons that we often tend to ignore? Moreover, multiple devices connected to the same router will affect efficiency and data security.

Hence, Quick Spark always recommends you opt for a hard-wired internet connection. It provides stability and works better for high-bandwidth tasks such as video conferencing. Reliability and consistency are what you will need to do your work without interruptions.

Are you afraid that your house might look unsightly – wires are sticking out of the outlets? It doesn’t have to be like this. You can schedule an appointment with us at Quick Spark and see what will work the best for your home office.


Albeit you may start with a few modifications in your home office setup, you may consider other essentials such as adequate lighting, hard-wired internet, etc., that add value to your workspace. You can contact Quick Spark to learn about other electrical upgrades that boost the productivity of your workspace.

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