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Electrical Wiring Upgrade – When and How

Electrical Wiring Upgrade – When and How

If you want to keep your home safe from the risks of an outdated electrical wiring system, there are ways that you can do it. Upgrading a wiring installation is not always feasible or cost-effective. Still, when necessary for safety reasons like preventing fires and improving convenience by increasing power output, it’s worth doing early.

An electrical wiring upgrade may seem messy –  getting all those wires out, before installing new ones and then ensuring they’re appropriately configured after the job is finished. However, these upgrades will help prevent potential fire hazards and make life at home more convenient with increased electricity flow through outlets in one’s house.

Finding the right contractor for your home or business can seem like an overwhelming task, but finding a professional electrical company to take care of wiring is essential. Whether it’s up-to-date safety features you need, or just a fresh face on aging wires that are beyond their years, there’s no better option than hiring one of our qualified professionals today!

Safety problems with older wiring

Old houses have plenty of risks that are not always evident to the occupant. The riskiest is outdated or unsafe wiring, leading to fire if left unchecked for long enough. Faulty wiring accounted for over 50% of residential fires in 2009, according to an NFPA study; this means it’s one thing you shouldn’t take lightly when updating your home and we want new homeowners to be mindful about inspecting their space; before moving in!

Think about it: your wiring could have been inspected at any time in the past 30 years, or never – and we can’t see what’s going on when you turn off the lights. It pays to know that if these warning signs are present, then there is a high chance of some severe problems ahead; better safe than sorry!

If you don’t know when you last inspected your electrical wiring, it’s worth paying for an electrician who will give all of its components a once-over. There are many reasons to consider upgrading your old wiring, and one of them is that some carriers refuse to insure houses with older wiring.

Keep a check on the Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring is considered a safety hazard because it often loosens over time, causing overheating and possible fires at receptacles. Your home inspector can determine whether or not you are safe to keep the wiring in place with an inspection; sometimes, adding pigtails to your outlets and breakers may resolve potential problems.

Consult a professional electrician

I’ll be honest; I think you should hire a pro. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, 137 people died, and 2200 got zapped last year while doing their own electric work – it’s not worth risking your life! But if you want to take responsibility for your home reno yourself, then at least know this: there are local codes that professional pros have more experience with than DIYers. They can help make sure what electrical upgrades will or won’t get approved by city inspectors before they’re done, so chances of getting fined or injured go down dramatically.

GFCIs are significantly important for a safer home

As an ever-present fear of electrocution looms in our minds, GFCIs or Residual Current Devices have been installed along countertops and basement walls to protect us against this unfortunate fate. With the implementation of these devices, we can be aware that the chances for electrical shock are drastically reduced when using appliances near water sources such as sinks and toilets.

The first and foremost thing to do in any home with old electrical wires is installing GFCIs. However, it’s always better if you have the professional expertise of an electrician do this task for you, as specific changes may be required on your breaker panel or wiring layout. If that’s not possible, then there are other ways to install GFCIs manually, which will also help protect against shocks from faulty fuses or lightning surges passing through a circuit due to ground faults (earthing).

Upgrade and promote your house’s worth

Recent research suggests that investing time and money into your home’s electrical system can boost the value of any property. In an age where technology is constantly evolving, wiring systems in homes tend to be neglected, or left out entirely as a result. The last few decades have seen many improvements, with outlets being equipped for USB-charging ports and energy-efficient lighting fixtures like CFLs becoming more popular than ever before.

As such, 30 year old wiring might not cut it when you consider all these new advances; if your house has been around long enough to get its very own plaque outside, then chances are its electric system isn’t up to date either!

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