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Electrical Safety In The Home; Proper Use Of Extensions

Electrical Safety In The Home; Proper Use Of Extensions

Electrical safety is one of the most important things you should take care of. Using multiple extension cords can lead to various dangerous situations, but sometimes there isn’t any other option left. Extension cords can be very convenient at times, but they must not be used for long periods, as they can compromise your safety.

We, at Quick Spark, have listed a few tips which can keep you safe from electrical fires and electrical shocks.

Never Overload The Extension Cord Beyond Its Capacity

Quick Spark advises you to avoid overloading the extension cord because the temperature rises, which may result in a fire     .

Do Not Pass The Cord Through Water Or Snow

Water and snow conduct electricity. A cord, if passed through water, can result in sparks.

Do Not Use Extension Cords For Long Periods

You must use the cords for only short periods. Longer usage might damage the cord.

Always Use Extension Cords In The Open Air

Place the cords in the open so that the air circulates around them. The heat must escape because a higher temperature can lead to a spark.

Avoid Usage Of The Extension Cords For Running More Than One Appliance

The extensions have a very limited capacity. The use of appliances beyond their capacity may heat the cord and may play a part in a fire outbreak     .

Do Not Rely On Extension Cords More; Rather, Add More Power Outlets In Your Home

If you have to use extension cords very often, you must install more power outlets in your home. Extension cords have limited capacity and are not made to be used for long periods.

Always Check The Rating Of The Extension Cord

Make sure that you check the extension cord rating and its recommendations regarding indoor and outdoor usage. It would help in making decisions that do not compromise safety.

Match The Wattage Rating Of The Appliance And The Extension Cord

The electrical usage of the appliances must not be more than the recommended wattage rating of the extension cord used.

Do Not Use Damaged Extension Cords

A damaged cord, any cord which doesn’t have proper insulation or feels hot when conducting electricity, can result in an electrical fire.

Never Ever Force A Plug Into An Extension

Do not force any plug into the extension, as it can cause damage leading to a spark.

Always Use The Approved Cords

Only use the tested cords; the report of authorized laboratories helps in determining the right cord. We, at Quick Spark, advise you because a tested wire is safe to use.

Do Not Use The Three-Prong Plugs with Those Outlets Which Have The Slot For Only Two

Never remove a prong from a three-prong plug, as doing this might result in electric shock.

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