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Does Your New House Need Rewiring?

Does Your New House Need Rewiring?

Moving into a new home is always fabulous and exciting. If you sealed a good economical deal, it further adds to your jubilations. Everything, until this point, seems perfect. However, the question is, did you buy a home below market value? Or did you buy a home that hasn’t been renovated for a long time?

Well, many buyers purchase a house with intentions to renovate it according to their own requirements. Of course, they consider the renovation costs before buying, but do they consider the electrical rewiring costs as well?

Your new home is someone’s old home, and it may need electrical rewiring too. If you purchased a completely renovated home, perfect. But if you see these signs, then electrical rewiring is on the cards.

Common Signs That Your New House Needs Rewiring

  • Dimming or flickering lights
  • Fuses blow regularly
  • Light bulbs burning out in their sockets
  • Discoloured switches or outlets
  • Sparking outlets
  • Power fluctuation
  • A faint or prominent burning smell
  • Getting an electrical shock whenever you touch a cord
  • An ever-increasing dependency on extension cables
  • Porcelain fuses
  • Tripping circuit breakers
  • Outdated wiring

Quick Spark believes that these signs are a clear indication that the “new house” you purchased needs electrical rewiring. If you are still thinking about why rewiring your home is important, here are some solid reasons     .

Reasons Why Rewiring Your New Home Is Important

1. Boosts Safety

One major reason to rewire your home is that it can significantly improve your safety. For instance, if the old wiring is not properly insulated, it can cause fires and shocks due to a power fluctuation. Also, an overload can even burn or melt wires. Bad or old wiring may also make it unsafe for your electrical appliances, and the smoke detectors may fail too.

2. Increases Electrical Capacity

Old electrical wiring is not good enough to handle modern-day electrical appliances. That is why a high load can be disastrous. In fact, electrical overload can also cause house fires or burn out your electrical appliances. On the contrary, an updated electrical system can handle these appliances easily.

3. Protection From The Heat

New electrical wires have better insulation capacity. If you have old electrical wiring, it may prove to be very dangerous in hot weather, and we all know how hot it can be in Australia. However, new electrical wiring is more heat resistant and can work safely and efficiently in heatwaves.

4. Adds Value To Your Home

Alright, it is evident that old electrical wiring can really dent the overall price of your property. In fact, it is highly possible that your seller sold you the home below market rates just because of these factors (old electrical wiring, needs renovation, etc.). However, if you keep it that way, you will only make it worse. Rewiring your home will add value to your property in financial terms.

5. Peace Of Mind

Home and peace should be synonymous. Your home should be a place where you can find your peace. But, if you are always thinking about power outages, electrical fires, or electrical shocks, your mental peace and safety can be compromised easily. If you don’t feel safe in your own home, then the peace of mind is simply out of the equation. Do you want to compromise your mental peace and personal safety just because of old electrical wiring?

Are you looking to rewire your house? We at Quick Spark offer the best quality rewiring services at highly competitive rates. You can contact us by      placing a call, or by booking an appointment through our website https://getquickspark.com.au/

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