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Common Electrical Problems in Older Buildings

Common Electrical Problems in Older Buildings

Living in an old building can have its charms. The architecture and old nooks add character to the place. However, an old structure also means old-fashioned fittings. This means there are problems that can occur if electrical maintenance is not done regularly.

It is often necessary to replace older electrical systems to improve function and ensure safe conduction in old buildings. If you’re thinking of moving into an older building and are wondering what electrical repair you should anticipate, here are some common problems to look out for.

Faulty Outlets

Many old electrical outlets do not have a hole for a ground wire, or they have a poor or faulty connection. You’re going to have to call an electrician to replace all of the outlets – regardless of there being a fault; or else, you will have difficulty using any of your electrical appliances.

Ancient Cables

Older buildings house ancient cables in the walls. And it is only a matter of time till you realize you have to get the wires replaced. This doesn’t just apply to older buildings; even newer ones need electrical maintenance after a few years to function properly and are eventually replaced. Having an electrician or electrical services at hand for all kinds of electrical repairs will benefit you greatly.

Old Light Fixtures

A classic indication of an old home is old light fixtures that are, more often than not, badly in need of electrical repair. You’re going to experience flickering lights if you decide to live in an old house without any electrical maintenance. The reason for this isn’t as exciting as a horror movie depiction; rather, it is caused by age and outdated designs of the fixture.

Get your electrician to replace both the wiring and fixtures as soon as possible to prevent any damage to your appliances.

Ancient Breakers

Older buildings will obviously have old breakers unless they were replaced by previous owners. However, you’re not going to find it too difficult to figure out when the breaker was installed. If it is more than 10 years old, you should get your electrician to replace it before there is an electrical issue.

Discontinued Service Panels

Some older buildings are still equipped with old service panels that use fuse boxes. At the moment, breaker panels have replaced fuse boxes so if your building still has the latter, get an electrician to replace it. There are simply too many issues you’ll have to deal with using a fuse box. Your appliances might become faulty, and the whole building is at risk of an overload or and electrical fire.

If you notice any of these issues with your building, keep in mind that you’re going to have to invest in electrical repair before something irreversible happens. So, when you’re buying a property that is old, consult your electrician about any necessary electrical maintenance that you might need before you move in. Don’t take chances on electrical repairs!

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