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Common Electrical Problems Around Your Home

Common Electrical Problems Around Your Home

Electricity has become an integral part of our life and it’s now hard to imagine a world without it. We use electricity almost every minute of the day. Virtually every gadget in your house relies on electrical energy to function. Mobile phones, laptops, ovens, electric stoves, televisions as well as refrigerators, amongst others, depend on electrical energy to function. Without doubt, modern electrical services are not only important in ensuring a satisfactory quality of life, but are vital for enhancing economic growth as well. Access to electricity is central to critical issues such as food security, security, and protecting ecosystems. Simply put, access to electricity improves productivity, health and the quality of life in general.

Research has shown that household electricity use generally constitutes about a third of the total electricity consumption in developed countries. Your house is a private sanctuary where you desire to enjoy maximum comfort. As a homeowner, you won’t be able to enjoy the comfort of your home if your vital home appliances aren’t working because of an electrical fault. Often, the problem will always find you unawares. What’s more, they are far from rare, and virtually every household will experience one or more electrical issue at some point or another.

Most electrical issues are usually complex and require the intervention of highly trained electricians. Furthermore, these electrical issues can be extremely dangerous if neglected for too long. To enhance the safety of your house, and possibly get your home back up and running, it is imperative to call a professional certified, insured and experienced electrician as soon as you notice an electrical problem.

So what are the most common electrical problems around the home?

Persistent electrical surges:

These may occur as a result of damage to power lines, faulty appliances, lightning strikes, and poor electrical connection in the house. Even though a typical surge usually lasts a microsecond, frequent electrical surges can potentially cause significant damage to all electrical components connected to your home.

Tripping circuits:

If you have power-hungry electrical gadgets including hairdryers and microwaves, you’ll always experience this particular problem. Typically, circuit breakers are intended to protect your home and this implies that when they do a trip, it’s a sign they are up to the task. To prevent your circuit breaker from tripping, you can limit your energy usage on a single circuit especially when using high wattage devices. However, if the problem persists even after making these adjustments, don’t hesitate to call in a qualified electrician.

Relatively higher electric bills:

Poor electrical wiring in your home could be the primary reason for higher monthly electricity bills.

Electrical shocks:

An electric shock can be a deadly experience. Though most incidences are usually pretty mild, they can be life-threatening and they tend to remind you that electricity is deadly when not handled appropriately. Electric shocks can either be caused by faulty wiring or damaged appliances.

Dimming or flickering lights:

This is always a potentially hazardous electrical issue which can easily get out of hand when not dealt with accordingly. It could be a sign of faulty connection and can result in arcing and eventual overheating and causing fire.

Light bulbs burn out frequently:

If your light bulbs usually blowout quite often, it could be more serious than just overuse. It could signify a loose connection in your circuit or socket.

These are just some of the most common electrical problems around homes. There are many more. As you may have realized, all these are complex issues which really require the immediate attention of a well-trained, electrical repair technician. With so much information on the web, so many people will attempt a DIY for just about anything. However, electrical issues are not like painting or even plumbing projects. You must have the relevant knowledge, experience and the necessary tools to tackle common electrical problems.

At Quick Spark, we boast  highly trained electricians who have what it takes to troubleshoot all kinds of electrical issues. Whether it is a damaged appliance, faulty wiring, dead outlets, tripping circuits, or you want electrical fixtures to be replaced, you can always count on us. Don’t ignore potential electricity dangers. Contact us today and you’ll enjoy working with us.

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