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Can You Change Light Fittings And Electrical Wiring As A Part Of Your Home Renovation

Can You Change Light Fittings And Electrical Wiring As A Part Of Your Home Renovation

If you are a prudent homeowner in Australia, then it is possible that you are very serious about regular home renovation. Why? Because home renovation makes being at home more pleasant, and can prove to be very effective in boosting your productivity. Of course, who doesn’t like to live in a new or renovated home? Second, if you are thinking about selling it, you will attract more buyers.

However, home renovation is not something you do every day. You may ask yourself, should I change the electrical wiring and light fittings during the renovation. Well, here is the answer to that.

Why Should I Change My Electrical Wiring And Light Fittings During Home Renovation?

Alright, the answer is simple; just like a home renovation, you cannot change the electrical wiring or light fittings in your home frequently. Because;

  • Rewiring or changing light fittings is costly.
  • If you renovate your home and keep the electrical wiring as it is but think of changing it later, what will happen? Well, rewiring will need you to open up the ceilings and the walls. Technically, you will have to renovate your home again. Are you willing to do that?

But here are some of the benefits of replacing your old light fixtures and electrical wiring

Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Electrical Wiring And Light Fixtures

1. Gives You More Power

If you are renovating your home after a long time, it might be possible that you are using an old or outdated electrical system. Old homes, or rarely renovated homes, use more power than what was used in the past. That is why your old electrical wiring is incapable of accommodating your energy needs today. If you are one of those homeowners, then electrical rewiring is MANDATORY.

2. Reduction In Energy Consumption

Although you need more electrical energy to cater to your needs, you also need efficient electrical systems. Thanks to technological advancements, homeowners can now reduce their utility costs easily. New lights such as incandescent lights or LED lighting technology are amazingly good in providing more light, whilst being equally effective in reducing energy bills. Most importantly, they have a minimal effect on the environment.

3. Give Your Home/Rooms A New Look

Old homes may also limit the type of light fixtures in them. So, if you are renovating, then Quick Spark recommends you change your light fixtures as well. First, it will completely transform the look of your home. Second, enhanced light will easily throw light into all the areas of your rooms and give them a new and refreshing look.

4. Minimizes Safety Risks

Old or outdated light fixtures can be a great risk to your safety. They may easily short out or even stop working completely. Do you want such light fixtures in your renovated home? Surely not!

Final Thoughts

You surely don’t want to dig your walls or “shatter” the ceiling of a renovated home for electrical rewiring just because you didn’t do it back then. Therefore, we recommend you consider these prudent points seriously.

If you want professional services to change a light fixture or rewire your home at market competitive prices, Quick Spark is here to help. We make sure every penny you spend is worth it. Just give us a call, and book your appointment, or visit our website https://getquickspark.com.au/

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