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Can Faulty Electrical Wires Cause Electrocution or Fires in Homes?

Can Faulty Electrical Wires Cause Electrocution or Fires in Homes?

You power your home with energy but, did you know faulty electrical wiring can put your home at risk? In Australia, electrical fires are one of the most common causes of house fires. According to some reports, electrical failures are the cause of 40% of house fires in New South Wales, whereas they are the top cause of house fires in Western Australia. But, the good news is early detection of faulty electrical wiring can save you from trouble.

Here are the top two risks of faulty electrical wiring:

1. Faulty Electrical Wiring Causes Electrocution:

If the electrical wiring is not installed properly – it might be considered faulty. If someone comes into contact with this faulty wiring, they may get an electric shock. Electrocution can have a wide range of consequences, from minor shocks to being lethal. Due to the high volume of load shedding, we are prone or inclined to attempting to repair electrical circuits and electric appliances ourselves.

2. Faulty Electrical Wiring Causes Fire

The most serious threat posed by faulty electrical wiring is that it can cause the outbreak of a fire. Electrical wires can’t conduct electric current effectively if they are loose and fractured. If this happens often, this results in sparking a fire. The most terrifying aspect of faulty electric wiring is that a fire might occur at any time.

Faulty wiring is a common cause of house fires. Check for any loose outlets, lighting fixtures, and wiring on a regular basis. Also, faults/knots in the wire cause electrical resistance within the wire that generates heat, and may result in an electrical fire.

Signs of Faulty Electric Wiring

Electrical hazards can easily cause fires in homes with faulty wiring. The following are a few notable faulty wiring issues:

  • There are no GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters) in places like the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Fuses that keep blowing or persistent tripping of circuit breakers.

Also, faulty wiring is indicated by outlets that create shocks, hot ceiling fixtures, and lights flickering. And do not neglect to address any burning odour – even once – because it indicates a significant wiring problem.

Safety Tips

By taking the following preventative measures, you can minimize the danger of an electrical  fire in your home:

  • Always seek professional help, such as Quick Spark, for all wiring jobs.
  • Do not use extensions if the cable cords are damaged.
  • Check electrical cables for damage and malfunctions on a regular basis.

Faulty Wiring: What to Do

Some wiring faults are something that homeowners may take care of as part of routine house maintenance. For example, you should keep an eye on your outlets and repair those that are damaged.

But, you should never try to attempt to repair faulty electrical wiring in your home if you don’t have any prior experience with electrical work. When it comes to working with electrical wiring systems, you should seek professional help such – as Quick Spark; because we adhere to safety measures and industry standards.

Take away

Faulty electrical wiring is one of the most common causes of fires. Everyone should be aware of the dangers of electrical failures and the threat they pose. Prevention and routine maintenance are the best strategies to ensure that your house is always safe.

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