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Benefits Of Using LED Lights For Your Home And Business

Benefits Of Using LED Lights For Your Home And Business

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People are reaping the benefits of LED lights so they can work late at night and their children can do their homework without any disturbance. Businesses are also benefiting from efficiently lighting their workplaces, plants, warehouses, and more while saving money. There are many reasons you should switch to LED lights; well, here are 11 reasons to do it.

1.   They are Long Lasting

LED lights last for more than 50,000 hours, and in commercial settings, they can last longer than 100,000 hours. This can work out to a lifespan of 11 years if they are burned for 24 hours per day. Compared to an incandescent or fluorescent light bulb, LED lights don’t break easily. This makes LED lights more suitable to be used in commercial environments.

2.   Cost Saving

LED lighting saves costs for businesses on several levels. As compared to halogen or fluorescent lamps, LED bulbs are more expensive, but they last much longer. As LED lights last for a long time, the bulbs don’t need changing for years like traditional light bulbs, so overall maintenance costs are also reduced. Workers can focus on more important problems than changing light bulbs.

3.   Cool to the Touch

If you have touched an incandescent bulb after it’s been on for a while, you know you’re likely to end up with a burn. Around 90% of the energy of an incandescent bulb is transformed into heat whilst with CFLs, it’s about 80% of the energy used becomes heat. That means both of these bulbs get unnecessarily hot.

LEDs eliminate the safety issues and pain which comes with a hot light bulb.

4.   Durable

LED bulbs are produced using much stronger and durable materials. Instead of neon gas or a delicate filament, an LED bulb is made from solid materials. It doesn’t need a glass bulb to protect it.

5.   Health Benefits

LED red light therapy at the right power and angle has proven to be scientifically beneficial in treating over 23 conditions that have to do with skin, deeper tissue healing, and even cognitive conditions.

6.   No Waiting

Conventional light bulbs take a while to reach their full brightness once you turn on the switch. This does not happen with LED bulbs. LED bulbs turn on instantly and are immediately fully bright.

7.   Directional Lighting

LED lights provide directional lighting to direct the illumination exactly where you want it. This reduces a waste of light.

8.   Colour Options

LEDs come in a wide range of colors, which make them even more flexible to be used in a variety of commercial places. They have a lot of applications like overhead lighting, colored spotlights, signage, and more.

9.   UV emissions are less

The illumination of LED lighting produces very little to no UV light. LED lights are useful in places where objects can degrade under ultraviolet lights.

10.  Dimmable

LED bulbs work with dimmable fixtures, so you have better control of your lighting levels. LEDs can dim to as little as 5%. Using lights at reduced power can also reduce energy use. This can save you money.

11.  Eco-Friendly

The conventional bulbs contain mercury which gets tossed in the trash and will eventually end up in the landfill. These toxic chemicals can get into the environment. When you use LED lighting, you use fewer materials and don’t contribute to all the landfill waste.

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