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A Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Lighting

A Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Lighting

Lighting up our homes at night is a privilege that many homeowners take for granted. From illuminating your home’s features, to providing security, there are endless possibilities when it comes to outdoor lighting. And with so many options available in today’s market, how do you know what will be best? Do not worry! We have come up with an expert guide on indoor and outdoor lighting options for you to consider!

Understand what options you have

Different lighting styles can provide you with various benefits. Some, like spotlights and floodlighting, are great for highlighting landscaping features or an area that needs a lot of light outdoors due to their illumination power; others, such as path lights, help guide people on the sidewalk by illuminating where their feet will go next to keep pedestrians safe.

There is more than one kind of light available when it comes to lighting your outdoor space: while lamps- which offer low levels of illumination- may be suitable if you’re looking for something subtle, other options like spotlights or pathway lights work well where it is vital to see clearly at night to avoid disasters!    

Think about your goals

To make your outdoor space the best it can be, you need to have a clear idea of what functionality you want. Think about how often you use that particular area, and think about any obstacles – such as the landscaping or furniture – to determine which type of light is suitable. Do not overlook residential lighting, especially if safety is an issue. Are you lighting up the outdoors for extra safety and security? Or are you looking to create an ambient place to spend summer evenings with friends and family?    

Top 3 types of outdoor lighting

With all of the possibilities for outdoor lighting, it’s hard to know where and when you need them. We’re here to answer your questions, so that you can get back outside and enjoy a well-lit night at home. Being able to enjoy the outdoors after sundown is a privilege that only those with access to outdoor lighting take for granted.

Hanging pendants and ceiling lights

Pendant lights are an elegant choice for pergolas, verandas, and patios. With their versatility of hanging or non-hanging ceiling lights, you can choose the height that suits your requirements. There is also room to add in different styles from vintage to modern contemporary, so it will always fit the aesthetic wherever they may be placed anywhere all year round.

Wall sconces

Wall sconces are a popular fixture for many residences. They produce light and allow you to see your surroundings with ease at night, making it feel safe enough to venture out into the darkness without any worry of bumping into things or hurting yourself on furniture that may have been moved without you realising it. Wall lights can also include security features such as sensor functions which make them more enticing for homeowners who want their property well-lit, while still feeling secure against intruders after dark.

Garden and landscape lights

If you need to keep the light on in your garden at night, there’s only one thing for it – LED outdoor lights. These are perfect if you want subtle lighting that highlights features like shrubs or statues and other points of interest. And with all these new colors now available, they’re really easy on the eyes too.


Your outdoor lighting will help your landscapes stand out in the neighborhood. That’s why we offer a full range of services from planning, installation to maintenance so you can have a yard that is as eye-catching at night as it is during day time! We know which trees, gardens, or other features should be highlighted with professional installation and high-quality products.

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