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7 Winter Electrical Safety Tips

7 Winter Electrical Safety Tips

The chill of Winter is in the air, as it’s officially Fall. Australians know that this means that soon enough, they will be enjoying a cold Australian Winter – and all of its variables! With cooler temperatures, electricity usage naturally increases during winters when there’s limited sunshine. So you’ll want to take special care with your electrical appliances like lights or televisions if you plan on staying home more often (which I would recommend because of Netflix!)

Being prepared for Winter is the key to keeping your family safe from electrical issues in your home. Here at Quick Spark, we would like to help you prepare, so we’ve rounded up five electric safety tips that will get you ready.

1. Change the old electrical outlets

Almost all winter electrical issues are due to old outlets. The older your house gets, the more that the electrical units wear out over time. In some cases, if you have an older home and use high-voltage appliances with it, then they could spark in a fire or short circuit. We advise checking each outlet in your home for any signs of wear and replacing them as needed.

2. Lookout for light and lamp fixtures

Make sure all the lamps in your house are working correctly. If you notice that they flicker when you turn them on, replace their light bulbs with a compatible wattage capacity bulb to avoid causing fires by overloading them too much and risking bursting. You should also make sure not to mix different types of lamp fixtures throughout your home, as each type has its own maximum recommended wattage – follow this for every fixture!

Don’t go over the max wattage of any fixture. If you don’t know what that is, look up a model online, and see how much it can handle.

3. Change extension cords

Winter can be a difficult time for families. They may have to huddle in one room together, sharing an extension cord with their devices and appliances plugged into it, so they have power for the whole family’s needs. The risk of overload is high, especially if there are many people using just one plug-in at once – this could lead to electrical problems or even a fire!

However, I know you don’t want your holiday spirit dampened by these worries; here’s some advice: make sure everyone has enough juice on hand before Winter. The regular use of an extension cord can lead to the risk of a fire. That’s why you should unplug it when no one is at home or before going to sleep for the night! This will help prevent any accidental fires from happening in your house and keep everyone safe.

4. Clear the section where the electrical panel exists

It’s essential to check your home’s main electrical panel for any obstructions. If the power goes out, sometimes during a winter storm, it can fluctuate and make some of the switches turn off by themselves. That means you’ll have to flip them back on from inside the house manually, but in this case, if there is anything blocking access to that panel, then it might not be so easy!

5. Mark the electrical circuits

As handy as it may be to have easy access to your home’s electrical panel, make sure that all the switches and circuits inside are fully functional. This way, you’ll know which ones go with each room of your house during a blackout; labeling them will help tremendously!

6. Make the extension cords and electrical outlets childproof

When it comes to your little ones, you should never compromise safety. Be sure that you childproof all electrical outlets with outlet shields and use extension cords wisely, so they’re out of reach from curious hands!

7. Disconnect all cords when you’re not at home

If you’ve been considering traveling for a winter holiday during Christmas and New Year’s, be sure to unplug all non-essential devices such as lamps, home consoles, televisions, and kitchen appliances. This way, your vacation will go more smoothly without the worry of something sparking a fire while you’re gone.

Final thoughts

It is important to remember that there are many potential dangers associated with holiday decorations. For example, do not put any decoration near a power line; because it could cause an electrical fire or, worse yet, startle the neighbors by making their house light up like Christmas! Additionally, be sure you have purchased lights and other items from reputable stores to avoid purchasing faulty equipment, leading to injury this season.

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