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7 Reasons You Should Be Investing In Installing Ceiling Fans Throughout Your Home

7 Reasons You Should Be Investing In Installing Ceiling Fans Throughout Your Home

When it comes to adding ceiling fans throughout your home, the benefits extend far beyond adding a cool breeze to any room. Whether it’s adding style or lowering your energy bill, ceiling fans have a vast range of benefits that you may have not even thought about.

Ceiling Fans help lower energy costs:

Ceiling fans are very efficient at slashing energy costs in warmer and colder months. Fans not only use much less electricity than your usual AC system, but they also make the most of the air conditioning by blowing the cool air around, dissipating it around the room and extending the lifespan of the AC itself. You should look for an Energy Star-rated fan that will offer even more energy savings than a typical ceiling fan. Also, it’s always good to have ceiling fans as a backup, just in case your AC system crashes.

Today’s Ceiling Fans are Stylish:

The modern ceiling fan perfectly couples function and fashion. Ceiling fans come in many stylish varieties that include fan blades that match décor and are compatible with one’s unique preferences. Many ceiling fans are so stylish that they brighten up the entire room.

Ceiling Fans Provide Aesthetic and Functional Illumination:

While ceiling fans are mainly selected for their functionality, their lighting capabilities can’t be ignored. The modern interior design encourages multi-level, layered lighting in homes. The majority of ceiling fans have sophisticated lighting fixtures that can be as intricate or simplistic as the room’s décor requires it. The dimming option on a ceiling fan is a hidden gem that many people overlook during purchase.

 Gentle Breeze in Outdoor Living Spaces:

Ceiling fans are of many uses and do not just provide benefits inside the home. They make the outdoors pleasant as well. Installing an outdoor ceiling fan will help you and your family get a cool, gentle breeze outside on the deck, patio, in a sunroom, or on the porch. Make sure the ceiling fan you choose is certified for outdoor use and for locations that can become wet.

Ceiling fans also help keep mosquitos and other insects at bay, making them a beneficial addition to any outdoor living area where you plan to chill out or serve food.

Winter Benefits

Many people overlook the fact that a ceiling fan is also very useful during the winter season. Ceiling fans are generally used with the blades spinning in a counterclockwise direction in order to create a breeze. However, most modern ceiling fans can be adjusted to spin in a clockwise direction, pulling warm air from your house’s heating system and redistributing it downward. This can help slash your heating costs up to 15% during the winter season.

Today’s Ceiling Fans Are So Advanced:

One of the biggest pros of installing a modern ceiling fan is the beauty of the remote-controlled experience. You can crank the spin level up to cool down after exercise, or bring it down a notch at night to sleep. You can use the fan’s remote to dim the lights while you read before sleeping. Some modern ceiling fans have cool features like  Bluetooth integration that you can control from an app on your smartphone or any other mobile device. There are even high-tech ceiling fans with Bluetooth connectivity including built-in speakers that play music while keeping you cool and relaxed at the same time. Now that is pure multitasking!

Ceiling Fans are Safe:

Installing a ceiling fan is an incredible way to bring a cooling breeze to your home without having to worry about a child or pet getting too close to a standing fan.

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