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6 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Outlets

6 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Outlets

Many people don’t pay much attention to their electrical outlets until they get damaged. If your electrical outlets are worn out, then you need to take immediate action because you are putting the lives of people that you love in danger. Just like any other electrical appliance in your house, electrical outlets also wear out with time and need to be replaced with new ones. In this article, we are going to tell you signs that indicate that it is time to upgrade your electrical outlets.

1. Most of the outlets are not working

If you have noticed that most of your outlets are not working, then that is a clear sign that it is time to upgrade. Multiple electrical outlet failure is a clear sign that they have served you beyond their time limit and needs to be replaced.

2. Extension cords have become popular in your house

If your house is full of extension cords, then that is a clear sign that your electrical outlets are not enough or many of them have broken down. One thing that most people are probably not aware of is that extension cords are only meant for brief use. They are not safe if used for a long period of time. Electrical wires are usually concealed within the wall to enhance the safety and well-being of people in the house. In addition to that, they also add beauty to the home. Extension cords are highly discouraged because they can be kicked causing damage to the outlets. Constant interference can also cause the extension cord to short circuit, a factor that can cause circuit breakers to trip and in some cases cause a fire. Therefore, if your house is full of extension cords then it is definitely time to upgrade and add more electrical outlets.

3. Circuit breakers trip often

If your circuit breakers trip often, then it is probably because your electrical outlets are struggling to supply power. The efficiency of electrical outlets usually decreases as they get older. If your circuit breaker trips often especially when you connect multiple appliances, then it is definitely time to upgrade your outlets to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

4. Your house is full of two-pronged electrical outlets

Unlike the past where most appliances used two-prong cords, today almost all appliances use three-prong cords. Two-pronged outlets are common in homes that were built in the 60s and 70s. Most people who have two-pronged outlets are usually forced to use extension cords which are also not safe. Therefore, if your home is full of two-pronged outlets, then it is definitely time to upgrade to three-pronged outlets.

5. The outlets get too hot

If your electrical outlets get too hot, then they need to be replaced immediately because they are straining to supply power. Most electrical outlets usually get hot and release strange noise if they are not working efficiently. A hot electrical outlet can quickly turn into fire. They, therefore, need to be replaced immediately by an experienced electrician.

6. Loose outlet

If electrical outlets in your house are loose and falling out of the socket, then it means that they are old and needs to be replaced. Plugs are supposed to fit tightly on the socket. If they are hanging, then it means that they have worn out and need to be replaced.

In conclusion, if you have noticed any of the above-mentioned signs, then it is time to replace your electrical outlets. Remember that upgrading your electrical outlets is not just a good idea, it is essential. As a reputable electrical service, Quick Spark is always ready to help our customers to upgrade their electrical outlets with modern ones that are more efficient and attractive. Don’t wait, call us today on 1300 265 751.

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