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5 Key signs your office needs electrical maintenance

5 Key signs your office needs electrical maintenance

Your office is the center of your official and business activities. When you are outdoors looking in, maintenance of a commercial building doesn’t look like such a difficult task. Still, things don’t function quite the same when working in an office with a dodgy electrical system. Having routine electrical maintenance on your premises is considered normal electrical maintenance. Work productivity is increased in a fully functioning office. It is important to ensure that the electrical system works efficiently. That way, you’ll ensure your workers’ safety, and you’ll avoid potential accidents.

Here are some key signs that show when your office requires electrical maintenance.

1. Flickering lights

Although it may seem like a minor problem, these flickering office lights can point to a much greater problem. You might be experiencing this every day. If that’s the situation, there is undoubtedly something dangerous waiting to happen with your office electrical system. When you see flickering lights in more than one room, there’s some serious issue for sure that you must address. Most of the time, it may happen because of cheap electricals, like poor cable connection. Whatever the situation is, you should consult with a professional electrician and schedule a maintenance check ASAP!

2. Tripping of fuses and circuit breakers

If an electrical fuse or a circuit breaker in your office trips, it isn’t a new event. It’s normal in many commercial businesses and workplaces. Still, if it happens regularly, then you need to look into the underlying problem. Keep in mind, readjusting the circuit breaker every time it trips will never be a lasting solution, and sets up the risk of electrical hazards at your facility. These can be the real reasons behind the frequent tripping of fuses and circuit breakers:

  • Overloading of circuits and fuses
  • Circuit shorted to the land
  • Wounded or twisted inner wirings
  • Varying voltage levels

Experienced and professional electrical contractors promptly diagnose the issue and repair the faulty area, thus minimizing injuries or electrical hazards because of short circuits in an office.

3. Sparks when plugging/unplugging appliances

Sparks while plugging or unplugging any appliance is a red flag which we tend to overlook. Not every spark predicts a severe upcoming catastrophe, but it could. The reasons can vary from a heated-up socket, an overloaded circuit breaker, the old circuits and outlets, or the presence of water. If your office is set up in an old building, that’s an excellent reason to get your wiring and electrical connections checked by an expert.

4. Buzzing sounds around outlets and electric points

We all hear these sounds at times but ignore them and never think about electrical maintenance. Mostly, in offices with loud noises and types of machinery, such faint sounds are totally ignored. A sizzling/ buzzing noise coming directly from some office appliance or an electrical outlet can be caused by defective wiring. If the functionality of a circuit breaker is compromised, it cannot perform its duty of tripping the line when it’s overloaded. This can, as a result, lead to hazardous situations and can cause a fire.

5. Unbelievably expensive bills

It’s vital to keep a track of how much you are spending on your electricity bills. Suppose you know your electricity usage, and you keep comparing the bills over time. In that case, you can understand if particular changes or electrical repairs in your circuits caused a steep increase in electricity expenses. Suppose you observe that there was a considerable rise in electricity usage while knowing that there was no primary appliance usage. In this case, it’s a sign that your office may have an electrical issue and will need electrical maintenance.

In conclusion

Confirming that your office has no faulty circuits or fuses is vital for the wellbeing and safety of your workers, your visitors, and your office building as well. Even small issues like flickering or buzzing lights could be the signs of severe problems that could become life-threatening. Whether you’re in an old or new office, it is essential to consult a professional electrician.

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