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4 Reasons Why My Light Bulbs Keep Blowing

4 Reasons Why My Light Bulbs Keep Blowing

It’s important to know the reasons that cause your light bulbs to keep blowing. Mostly, there is an issue with the light bulb itself. In some cases, any electrical issue that causes voltage fluctuations can lead to blown-out light bulbs. Therefore, it’s recommended to use LED lights in your home or office. These are not only more energy efficient, but also are very durable.

Are you experiencing sudden light bulb blowouts? Sometimes, replacing old bulbs with LED ones can fix the issue. However, you need to hire an expert electrician if the problem persists. A professional electrician can help find the exact cause of continuously blown bulbs in your home. In this article, you will find some common reasons for why my light bulbs keep blowing.

Reason # 1 – Cheap light bulbs

Cheap light bulbs are more likely to burn out faster compared to high-quality ones. For instance, even a small fluctuation in voltage can cause cheap lights to blow. Most importantly, a cheap light tends to have a thinner filament, and so the filament of a cheap bulb breaks very easily. Replacing an old bulb or faulty light is the best solution to fix this issue.

Reason # 2 – Loose connections

In the case of loose connections, it may cause a little spark in the lamp holder. In addition, loose connections also lead to power jumps. In other words, electricity doesn’t flow smoothly. It leads to overheating, and this can cause the bulb to burn out. Therefore, you must ensure there is no loose connection.

Reason # 3 – Mechanical vibration

Mechanical vibration can reduce the life expectancy of the light bulb. If you have cheap, filament bulbs in your home, understand that these are very delicate. It means any vibration or movement can lead to a sudden blowout. Therefore, you need to avoid any heavy movement near your filament light bulbs. To avoid this, invest in energy-efficient LED bulbs to avoid sudden blowouts.

Reason # 4 – High Voltage

High voltage is one of the major reasons for light bulbs blowouts. Even a small rise in voltage can affect the lifespan of your ordinary bulbs. When the voltage rises from its intended 230V, it can generate excess heat. The increase in voltage causes heat and then sudden and frequent blowouts. Higher voltage that lasts for too long can cause serious electrical issues.

Does your light bulb blow out frequently?

Look for professional electrical service to fix the issue. A team of qualified electricians at Quick Air can assist you with any electrical issue. Whether there is a loose connection, or abrupt changes in voltage, you can count on our expert electricians for electrical repair. We can help find out the exact cause of blown-out bulbs. Our electrical services can keep your lighting fixtures in tip-top condition for extended time. Don’t hesitate to call our highly skilled electricians who can repair your light fixtures and/or replace your light bulbs.

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