4 Important Electrical Services For Commercial Buildings

There are many types of electrical services associated with commercial structures. Every entrepreneur is always seeking to have a sustainable and environmentally-conscious electrical structure. An electrically-sound business building not only makes your building perfect but also solves your safety concerns. Your commercial building houses both your items and your workers and this implies that efforts must be made to guarantee its safety. Today in this article, we want to discuss in excruciating details, some of the most important electrical services for commercial buildings. Peruse the article and get to know.

1. Commercial Portable Appliance Testing (PAT TESTING)

Typically, PAT testing refers to the specialized process of testing all types of portable electrical equipment to ensure their safety. To be more precise, it is a routine procedure for individuals who regularly interact with electrical appliances, or have installed such devices in working environments.

It is critical to note that a PAT test is an important part of the health and safety policy of any business. The provision, as well as the use of work regulations, states that every employer must ensure that electrical work equipment is both safe and fit for use. If you didn’t know, your business or property insurance could be deemed invalid in the event of any claim without a proven PAT test. A significant number of insurance firms require this type of testing. What’s more, the electrical equipment safety regulations require that all major electrical appliances such as cookers, white goods and perhaps toasters, provided in residential premises must be safe regardless of whether they are second hand or new.
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So what are the benefits of conducting PAT testing in your business premises?

  • It is a requirement for most insurance firms.
  • It is intended to reduce the risk of fatalities and injuries to yourself, workers and visitors who may come to your place of work. A research has shown that nearly one thousand electrical accidents are reported annually and about thirty people usually succumb to their resulting injuries.
  • It also minimizes the risk of fire associated with electrical appliances.

2. The installation of CCTV and other security systems in commercial buildings

You always want to protect your workplace as much as possible. You don’t want to lose your valuable items through burglary. Thanks to technological advancements, there is a broad range of high-end security systems including wireless alarms, intruder alarms, and video entry systems. These security systems are known to offer 24/7 hour protection and can also be integrated with national monitoring centres thus giving you the much-needed peace of mind knowing that your items are safe. Other notable electrical services include access control, security lighting, home automation systems as well as fire alarm detectors and accessories.
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3. The installation of smoke and fire detection systems

This is equally an important service for commercial buildings. A number of European laws demand a minimum level of smoke and fire alarm protection equipment. Anyone who may have experienced the damaging and devastating effects of fire on a business knows well the benefits of installing smoke and fire detection systems. Electrical fires cannot only cause irreversible damage to your property and business items but are equally harmful to people. Fire alarms are arguably the best investment a business can make to ensure it is protected against the unexpected fire outbreaks. Studies have shown that close to eighty per cent of organizations that experience a major fire outbreak usually cease trading within two years, a phenomenon that makes fire prevention a key investment in your business. There is a broad range of fire detection and prevention systems out there and you’ll only have to work with your local technician to help you get the best.

4. Routine electrical equipment maintenance

Every business out there must understand the importance of having its electrical appliances working at full efficiency. Equally, organizations must know the impact of economic loss which can be caused by even one of the slightest electrical disruption. To evade these electrical disruptions, businesses must invest in effective maintenance programs. There are both statutory electrical maintenance and preventive electrical maintenance requirements. Preventive electrical maintenance ensures that your organization is safe and reliable. Equally, it helps in minimizing the likelihood of disruption to your business and this allows you to conduct your activities at maximum efficiency.

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